FAQ Sibling Week


When is the registration deadline for Sibling Week?
The registration deadline is Wednesday, April 3rd by 5:00pm.


Is there a separate registration for the virtual and on-campus activities?
No. You only have to register each sibling once for both virtual and on-campus activities.


What do I need to register for Sibling Week?
You will need your name, the name of all non-sibling attendees, the names of the siblings who will attend, and the t-shirt sizes of the non-NMSU Student siblings.


What is the cost for Sibling Week?
Sibling Week activities are FREE to attend the virtual events and on-campus events on Sibling Day, including the softball game for the entire family. 

If you are attending Sibling Day on Saturday, April 13th, you can purchase tickets for Taos dining hall for cash at a discount or at the door for full price. The reason for not including this as a pre-purchase is to keep the price down by not added credit card fees.


Do participants have to be the siblings of the enrolled student?
Not at all. While many of the participants will be actual siblings, if the participant is a close family friend, cousin, son or daughter of the student, this is perfectly fine.


Can more than 1 sibling participant attend Sibling Week?
Yes, all siblings are welcome.


Are NMSU volunteers present during activities listed on the schedule for Sibling Day?
This is designed to be family event. While there will be university staff and student volunteers present at many scheduled activities on Saturday April 13th, staff and volunteers are not responsible for the supervision of any Sibling Day attendees.


How can my Aggie Sibling get their t-shirt?
All NON-NMSU siblings can receive a t-shirt for participating in at least 2 virtual Sibling Week activities or attending Sibling Day on April 13th. Siblings who participate virtually will need to have their on-campus sibling pick up their shirt the week of April 15th in room 205 Corbett Center from 8am – 5pm Monday - Friday.  Siblings who attend Sibling Day will be able to pick up their shirt at check in.


How can my Aggie Sibling get credit for participating in virtual events?
All of our virtual events will be hosted on the Goosechase app for mobile phone or other Android or Apple device that utilizes apps. If your sibling is not able to download and access the app, please email families@nmsu.edu and we will make other arrangements for participation!


Can the sibling stay with my Aggie in their residence hall room?
While we don’t encourage siblings staying on campus, Housing and Residential Life does allow visitors with the roommate’s permission:

  • Visitors & Guests Short‐term guests are permitted to visit residents for no more than three consecutive nights provided that the host’s roommate(s)/suitmate(s) agree. The rights of the roommate(s)/suitemate(s) must be given high priority with regard to visitation. The roommate should not be compelled to leave the room in order to accommodate a visitor, nor should the roommate be placed in a situation that might cause embarrassment or inconvenience. Guests must be escorted at all times by their host. Hosts are responsible for guest behavior and conduct at all times, and may be held responsible through the student conduct process for policy violations of their guests. Guests may not sleep in public or common areas. Providing access to any residential space not assigned to you is prohibited.

This information comes directly from Housing and Residential Life. Questions should be directed to Housing & Residential Life at (575) 646-3202.


Can we drop our sibling off for Sibling Day on Saturday?
Sibling Day is designed to be a family event. As a result, NMSU is not responsible for minor children.  Siblings under 18 should be with adult family members or their NMSU Student at all times.


Can we bring purses or other bags to the softball complex for the game?
NMSU has a clear bag policy.  See the NMSU Clear Bag Policy for information about approved bags.


I have additional questions. Who should I contact?
If you have additional questions, please contact the Family Outreach Office at families@nmsu.edu or 575-646-1600 if you have any concerns. Go Aggies!