Student Rights and Privacy

As parents and family members, you have a vested interest in your student’s academic performance, class schedule, and conduct at New Mexico State University. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), those details cannot be provided to anyone other than the student to protect the rights of the student. While we understand the important role you play in your student’s success, we must uphold their rights and privacy as a student at a higher education institution.

What this means for you as a family member is that your student’s information will not be readily available to you, as it may have been in high school. For more information on FERPA in higher education and what information is required to be kept private versus public, please visit University Student Records.

Proxy Access

NMSU Students may provide “proxy access” to parents/guardians/spouses/friends as desired by going online at myNMSU using the Proxy Access tab. Students can itemize the areas to which their proxies may have access; for example, students may wish their proxy to be able to view the tuition bill, financial aid requirements, academic grades or schedule. By setting up proxy access, the student permits their proxy to view such information online, as well as their proxy to have discussions about such information with University staff members.