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Pete is so excited to go on some travels with you. You can print out Traveling Pete here.

  • Print out Pete in color or black and white
  • If printed in black and white – color Traveling Pete in to look like you/your family
  • Cut out Traveling Pete using the outline provided (feel free to tape him to a stick/ruler to help him stand up)
  • Take Traveling Pete with you around home, around town, or anywhere you go this week
  • Take pictures with Pete and send them to:
    • Your sibling!  (Ask your NMSU Student to send you pictures of Pete traveling with them!)
    • Tag us on Instagram @nmsufamilyoutreach and #TravelingPete
    • Upload Traveling Pete on each day of the goosechase app. There are missions for a daily photo with Traveling Pete (or, take him on one big adventure and post a pic each mission LOL. Pete isn't picky about how he takes adventures.
    • Don’t have Instagram? Email them to and we can share them!

 Traveling Pete Visits the Orientation LeadersTraveling Pete visits the Orientation Leaders

All Activities for Virtual Week are on the Mobile App --- goosechase!!  Download this app and follow the instructions to get started.  The fun starts at 8:00am MT on Sunday, April 7th!  

If you are not comfortable using the app, you can email your submissions to for full credit. Remember, all non-NMSU siblings who complete at least three virtual events or attend Sibling Day will receive a t-shirts (shirts should be picked up by the NMSU sibling in room 205 Corbett Center the week of April 15th.)

directions for using the goosechase app