Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an itinerary available ahead of time for Aggie Welcome & Orientation?

While we do not have an online itinerary available, we send out as much information as we can to both students and family members ahead of time. Family members will receive a confirmation email to the email address provided when students registered them, and students will receive emails to their myNMSU email.

How can I be involved in my student’s experience as a parent or family member?

We are so excited that you are taking the first step in being active in your student’s college experience! There are many ways to help your student through their experience and be a support for them through their time at NMSU and beyond. We offer an optional Family Orientation during all Freshman and Transfer programs that are concurrent to student programming, with endless information on how you can support your student and the information you need to know as a parent or family member.

Can I go with my student to their academic advising appointment?

We understand you want to help your student select their courses, especially if you attended here and may be familiar with different courses offered; however, we encourage students to set up their schedules individually with their academic advisor, as they will be doing this on their own from now on. It provides your student an opportunity to build independence and if you and your student are not satisfied with their schedule at the end of the second day of Aggie Welcome & Orientation, please find someone on our leadership staff and they can make an appointment for you and your student to meet with an academic advisor at the end of the program.



What do students eat on campus?

There is a large variety of on-campus dining options for your student to choose from. We have Taos Restaurant, which is an all-you-care-to-eat restaurant with options that vary on a daily basis in Corbett Center Student Union. We also have plenty of options throughout campus such as the Frenger Food Court, serving a variety of independent food options, and a couple of restaurant chains across campus. Find out more here.

What if there are roommate issues?

We encourage students to address these issues themselves. Successfully resolving roommate conflicts independent of outside help allows your student to build conflict resolution skills. However, if students are unable to resolve conflicts, the RA (Resident Assistant) is trained and available to assist students with roommate issues. For more information please visit the  Housing and Residential Life Office website.

Is campus safe for my student?

NMSU is a very safe college campus and we do have our own police station with patrolling officers we well as an on-campus fire station. General rules of safety are always recommended; however, we are a very safe campus overall. NMSU has it’s own dispatch station as well, so calling 911 on our campus will result in the NMSU Police being the first to respond.

What happens if my student gets sick?

They can visit the on-campus health center, which helps with a variety of medical needs for students. The Aggie Health and Wellness Center (AHWC) provides integrated comprehensive medical, psychological and recreational activity services to the students of New Mexico State University.

Can I ship things to my student’s residence hall?

Absolutely! You just need to know which hall or community and room/apartment number your student is in. You can find the information on how to properly address your student’s mail or package here.

Does my student need a car? / What if my student doesn’t have a car?

NMSU offers many different options for your student to get around campus as well as the Las Cruces Community. These range from campus shuttles to free cab rides. You can find more information here.



How do I pay my student’s bill?

You can make payments online via your student’s myNMSU portal, over the phone or in person at University Accounts Receivable. Please keep in mind that to speak to you about your student’s private information, offices at NMSU will need proxy access. Learn more here.

Where can I talk to someone about financial aid?

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is located in the Educational Services Building. You may visit in person, ask questions via phone or email, as well as learn more from their website. Please remember that without your current NMSU student present or granted proxy access, the information Financial Aid and Scholarship Services can provide may be limited.

What happens when a student has a question about a grade or has a problem in a class?

If your student has difficulty in a class or questions a grade, they should discuss this with the instructor. Students who feel the need for outside advice should consult with their academic advisor. Parents and family members are strongly urged to encourage your student to attempt to resolve any academic difficulty themselves by talking with the instructor and obtaining the guidance of their academic advisor, as this can be an important part of your student’s development. Also, even with proxy access, there may be limited information that you can receive related to the academic progress of your student.

My student needs help with academic support/ tutoring/ etc., are these services offered at NMSU?

Yes, we have several different academic student support services available! From campus tutoring, the Math Success Center, the Writing Center, etc. They are all free for your student to access and can be a great support system. To learn more about these services, visit these websites: Campus Tutoring Services, The Writing Center, and the Math Success Center.

What about textbooks?

The on-campus bookstore that is available for purchasing and renting textbooks. They even offer price matching with Amazon and other competitors! You are not required to purchase your books on campus and always want students to explore their options to what best fits their needs.