Family and Friends Weekend FAQ

Does my NMSU student need their own ticket to attend Family & Friends Weekend?

Most events for the weekend are free, but NMSU Students will need their own ticket to the Tailgate. For other events, we ask that you please include your student in the count so we can ensure we have space for everyone.


When is the Registration Deadline?

Registration will be open until Friday, October 14, 2022. If there is remaining capacity, there may be some same day registration available.


What if my student isn’t interested in attending events? Should I still come?

Yes! Friends and Family weekend is an opportunity for everyone to not only learn more about their student’s life at NMSU, but to meet other Aggie Families. Many families and friends attend the weekend and see their student only occasionally, other students decide to attend every event with their loved ones. As a member of the Aggie Family, we would love to see you!


Can my NMSU student get in the football game for free?

Yes. Students can use their own ticket to the football game. However, they will not be able to sit with you if you do not purchase them a ticket through the Family & Friends Weekend.


Are families from multi-households considered one family or two?

Family is how you define it!


Is it appropriate to bring my student's sibling(s) to Family Weekend?

YES!! Siblings are welcome to attend Family & Friends Weekend activities. The events included with the registration are family friendly, and there are many activities around Las Cruces that will be of interest to all family members.


Is participation in Family Weekend capped with a maximum number of families attending?

While many events have unlimited capacity, some events and activities have a maximum number of attendees. We recommend registering early if you have events you know you want to attend.


How will I know if registration for additional events for Family Weekend are sold out?

When specific events have reached capacity, they will no longer be available. Registration is First Come First Serve.


Will our tickets be mailed to us?

No, your email confirmation will be used to confirm your purchase for Friends and Family events. Football Tickets can be picked up either at Friday’s check-in or at the Tailgate Saturday. You do not need to attend the tailgate to pick up football tickets.


When is the best time to arrive?

We would love if everyone is able to spend both Friday and Saturday with us, but we understand that sometimes life has restricted arrival time. If you are able to arrive on Friday, we encourage people to arrive mid-day to enjoy the “Choose your own Campus Adventure.” We also will be happy to see you when you are able to make it to campus.


We have accessibility accommodation needs. How will these be accommodated for Family Weekend?

The campus and events are fairly accessible. If you have special needs, please note them on the registration form so we can work with you on any special needs.


Will my student have class on the Friday of Family Weekend?

The university does not cancel classes during Family & Friends Weekend. If your student normally has class on Friday, then they will have class on the Friday of Family & Friends Weekend. We still encourage families to arrive in town on Friday as there will be many events that you may wish to participate in without your student.


Can I make changes to my order?

Yes. Changes can be made after you submit your initial order.


If I am unable to attend after purchasing the registration(s), can I get a refund?

Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact the Family Outreach Office at or 575-646-1600 if you have any concerns.


I have additional questions. Who should I contact?

If you have additional questions, please contact the Family Outreach Office at or 575-646-1600 if you have any concerns. Go Aggies!